About Us

Jordan Vacations tours was founded in 2006 by the creative “ Mr. George Halasa “ . It is a Jordan based tour operator offering fully – escorted tours to all the cities in Jordan .   Our mission is to offer quality services and exceptional hotels , all at an affordable price .As a responsible business, we’ve always been committed to provide our guests with unforgettable and authentic travel experiences crafted by local experts .At Jordan Vacations , customer’s satisfaction is our primary goal and we promise to create a fun and informative travel experiences for everyone on board since we have a flavor of adventure to suit every palate . The strength of Jordan Vacations tours has always been the experienced team who is made up of dreamers and doers who have a passion for building and sharing the Jordan Vacations experience and who have been chosen based on skill and level of experience .


About Our Itineraries

All our programs are unique and are crafted perfectly well, to be included in our Incentive programs in Jordan. As well as covering the most famous sights, we pride ourselves on also showing our clients authentic, less "touristy" sights with excellent Jordanian guides.

Make your tracks in the desert of Wadi Rum. Discover the Red –Rose City of Petra .Swim in the salty water of Dead Sea. It might just be one small country, but Jordan has a lot crammed in. Dramatic skies. Ancient land. Breathtaking wildlife. Come and see it all for yourself with one of our tours.

About Our Daily Group Tours

There are two ways to travel. One is to be totally independent – “doing one’s own thing”. The other is to travel with a group. Most travelers know which they prefer.

Jordan Vacations Tours  is committed to its fixed tour departures for the group tours all year long. Making it possible for single travelers to join a group at a cheap and affordable price.This also gives the single travelers the chance to make new friends easily .

About Our Values

At Jordan Vacations , we provide newest and safest transportation , comfortable and luxurious accommodations , knowledgeable guides and we are experts in providing the best experiences in Jordan .

Our tagline is “ Offering maximum value for the amount spent . “

We are eager to assist you with your vacation and booking . Whatever what you are thinking , we have an answer .

Browse our website to learn more about our values and our special tours !